What we do

What we do 

Daykel Apiaries produces honey bee queens for sale to beekeepers. We produce both Commercial Production Queens, and Breeder Queens.


We are both Queen Rearers, and Honey Bee Breeders. Each role is very different from the other, but both require experience, passion, and attention to detail to do well.


As Queen Rearers, we raise naturally mated production queens for sale to other beekeepers. It is an exercise of reproduction, raising large numbers of daughters from carefully selected Breeder Queens.


As Honey Bee Breeders, we work with a closed population of honey bees trying to maintain, and improve the expression of the commercially valuable traits that we are selecting for.


Honey bees don’t make this easy. Despite multiple matings on the wing, single gene sex determination, haploid drones, selected traits that are sometimes complex behaviours instead of simple physical traits, environmental influence clouding what is heritable from what is not, and inbreeding depression frustrating our best efforts, we persevere, and through this perseverance, we are able to supply Quality Breeder and Production Queens.