Commercial Production Queens

Naturally mated queens raised from our best Breeder Queens. These queens have been raised with great care and attention to detail, and mated out of strong, four-frame ¾ depth nucs, and not caged until they have solidly sealed brood.


Select Queens (Naturally-Mated Breeders)

These queens are carefully selected from our production nucs and are guaranteed to be truly mated. This is a less expensive option than an Instrumentally Inseminated Breeder Queen. Basically, a Budget Breeder Queen!


Instrumentally Inseminated Breeder Queens

Southern Cross Carnica Breeders: They come straight out of our Carniolan Closed Population, and are inseminated with pooled semen collected from a minimum of 20 different sources.


Kiwi Cross Breeders: The foundation stock for this new program are F1 Queens resulting from the crossing of Southern Cross Carniolans and BettaBees Italians. These F1 Queens are a very good commercial bee, and intermediate between the 2 races, maximising genetic variation, and optimising vigour.